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Donald Trump Talking Coffee Mug FOR MOM

Make Mom’s Coffee Break Great Again

Just Kidding! It’s Always been Great, Now It’s Just Better!

All Moms love the Donald Trump Talking Coffee Mug

Because the best thing in the morning is Caffeine & Compliments!

5 Awesome Phrases in Trump’s real voice

Mom, I love you

You’re so beautiful

You’ve done a spectacular job, thank you very much

You are really very special

Congratulations, good job

We know your Mom is going to love it and here’s why:

  • High-Quality Ceramic - This Mug is Heavy Duty and Built For The Strongest of Coffees in the Universe.
  • Dishwasher Safe - Simply Unscrew the Bottom Electronic Mechanism and Place It In The Dishwasher! Super Easy.
  • Replaceable Batteries Included - It Works Straight Out Of The Box! We wouldn’t make her go buy batteries, Mom doesn’t deserve that.
  • On/Off Switch - Mom Has The Ability To Turn Off The Donald and Pretend It’s A Regular Coffee Mug, but Where is the Fun In That?

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