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Farting Bunny Poop Emoji - Easter Plush Toy

A Poop Emoji, That Looks Like a Bunny, That Farts!

I bet you never thought you’d read that sentence.

I also bet you never thought you could OWN ONE!

This little Poopy Bunny will unlock doors to funny Poopy Bunny things you never knew existed:

  • Give It To The Dog For Endless Hours Of Farts and Doggy Happiness! Tucker Budzyn LOVES It! 
  • Perfect For Easter! Just Plop it Into an Easter Basket as a Gift! Plop.
  • 7 Different Fart Sounds To Give Your Life Some Farting Variety. 7 is The Perfect Number To Keep The Farts From Going Stale. (We Tested It, Personally) 
  • 1 of 6 Collectible Poop Emoji Farting Plush Toys. You’ve Got To Check Them All Out! What’s 6 Poop Emoji’s x 7 Fart Noises? The Answer: 42, which is also The Answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything.
  • Kids Can’t Get Enough! It’s like candy, except no sugar rush, just clean plain ol’ farts n’ laughter. 

Click Below To Hear Some Farts That The Farting Bunny Poop Emoji Makes

(My Top Two: The Short And Sweet Fart & The Long Wet Fart)

Fart sound 1

Fart sound 2

Fart sound 3

Fart sound 4

Fart sound 5

Fart sound 6

Fart sound 7

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