Unicorn Poop Emoji Farting Plush Toy

Unicorn Poop Emoji Farting Plush Toy
Unicorn Poop Emoji Farting Plush Toy
Unicorn Poop Emoji Farting Plush Toy
Unicorn Poop Emoji Farting Plush Toy
Unicorn Poop Emoji Farting Plush Toy
Unicorn Poop Emoji Farting Plush Toy
Unicorn Poop Emoji Farting Plush Toy

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Unicorn Poop Emoji Farting Plush Toy
Now, say that 10 times fast.

Mythical, Magical, and Mystical: 
Unipoop has come from the lands of Avalon to bring you farting wizardry. 

Squeeze to please your needs for farts.
If you listen closely, you’ll hear the magic in every fart. 
That’s the unicorn poop emoji farting plush toy promise, a promise you can trust.

  • Give it to your dog and be amazed as your doggy conjures farts!  Tucker Budzyn loves it! 
  • Impress your friends and family with not just a magic show, a magic fart show!
  • One of six collectible poop emoji farting plush toys. you’ve got to check them all out! What is 6 poop emoji’s x 7 fart noises? The answer: 42, which is also the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.
  • Become Harry Pooter and the Unicorn Poop Emoji Farting Plush Toy the movie! All you have to do is record Unipoop and yourself going on adventures! We’d watch that.
  • This Poop Emoji Unicorn is the perfect gift for any time of the year. Make every day magical!

    • SIMPLY SQUEEZE TO ACTIVATE & HEAR IT FART - This mythical furry farting unicorn poop plush will fart on demand whenever you squeeze it! Unipoop will reward you with 7 different real fart sounds. It's the funniest, fartiest, softest unicorn toy in all of fantasy land! This rainbow-colored Unipoop is so cute and small, you can easily carry it around for endless hours of magical play and belly laughs. Measures 4 x 4.5 inches - awww!
    • DOGS LOVE THIS MYTHICAL FARTING POOP! (cats not so much) Your best friend will carry it in his mouth everywhere he goes, constantly entertained by the hilarious magical fart sounds the unicorn plush makes. Although the Unipoop is a well-constructed and durable pet toy, it is still not suitable for destructive chewers, so make sure to supervise your pet’s playtime for best results.
    • AS SEEN ON TUCKER BUDZYN - You may have seen Unipoop's special little friend the Fart Buddy on the viral video starring an adorable Golden Retriever named Tucker Budzyn! Tucker loves his farting poop toy and your dog will too! Perfect if your dog loves to play with a stuffed animal, a stuffed unicorn, or weird stuff like mythical animals.
    • RIP-ROARING FUN FOR ANY PARTY – Unipoop is a real gas at kids' parties! It will have everyone in stitches when you squeeze its furry rainbow belly and it lets out the rip-roaring noise of big old smelly farts! If you're looking for unicorn party supplies, Unipoop makes great birthday party decorations, a gift or game, or a bedroom decoration for all ages, including 3-year-old girls, 5-year-old girls gifts and cute toys for 6-year-old girls - Unipoop can even make a teen laugh out loud!
    • LONG-LASTING RAINBOW FART ACTION – Unipoop will provide endless hours of laughter as it blasts out loud gas, all thanks to the long-lasting, non-replaceable batteries that can power a massive 25,000 farts! And with a Lifetime Warranty included, your farty Unicorn fun will never end!

    Click Below To Hear Some Farts That The Unicorn Poop Emoji Makes

    (My Top Two: The Short And Sweet Fart & The Long Wet Fart)

    Fart sound 1

    Fart sound 2

    Fart sound 3

    Fart sound 4

    Fart sound 5

    Fart sound 6

    Fart sound 7