Funny Farting Coffee Mug

Funny Farting Coffee Mug
Funny Farting Coffee Mug
Funny Farting Coffee Mug
Funny Farting Coffee Mug
Funny Farting Coffee Mug
Funny Farting Coffee Mug

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Drinking coffee will never be the same.
Because instead of you … your mug farts!

Brighten your morning routine and relieve stress when you lift your mug up for a drink.

Mom, Dad, and Uncle Jeff won’t be able to hold back a smile during breakfast.

This “coffee makes me poop” fart mug squeezes out 7 different toots.

That’s 7 different tooty frooties on the rudys.

Now you also have something to blame it on other than the dog.

  • Replaceable batteries included — so you can start farting right away and your mug can fart for all eternity.
  • High-quality ceramic mug — this fart mug ain’t breaking anything but wind baby.
  • Dishwasher safe — simply screw off the bottom electronic fart machine and place the mug in the dishwasher.
  • It’s a great gift — anyone can enjoy 7 different farts leaking out while drinking coffee!

On/off switch — you always have the option to turn off the farts, but why would you?

    • MAKE EVERY COFFEE BREAK A GAS! — This hilarious farting mug lets out 7 real rip-roaring fart sounds as you drink! Surprise your colleagues, friends, and family on your breaks and make them laugh out loud with the sound of bad gas!
    • EVERY TIME YOU LIFT THIS FUNNY MUG, YOU'LL HEAR IT FART!  Simply lift your mug to hear a different hilarious fart sound each time. You'll have everyone in stitches as you enjoy your hot drink while letting out great big farts!
    • HIGH-QUALITY CERAMIC MUG — These cool & funny novelty mugs are made of durable ceramic that is built to withstand endless cups of coffee and belly laughter. There is an ON/OFF switch on the bottom of the cup so you can turn on the toilet humor at will. If you're not in the mood to hear hilarious fart sounds, simply turn it off and enjoy drinking from your cute coffee mug.
    • REPLACEABLE BATTERIES INCLUDED & DISHWASHER SAFE — These fun prank poop mugs come with replaceable batteries, so you'll be making anyone within farting distance laugh out loud instantly! It's also easy to clean. Simply screw off the bottom sound mechanism and place the mug in the dishwasher.
    • A FUNNY GAG GIFT FOR FRIENDS, FAMILY & COLLEAGUES — If you know someone that enjoys a bit of toilet humor, these farting coffee cups make the perfect novelty gifts!

      Simply Lift Your Farting Mug to Hear 7 Different Funny Fart Sounds!

      Fart sound 1

      Fart sound 2

      Fart sound 3

      Fart sound 4

      Fart sound 5

      Fart sound 6

      Fart sound 7