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Dancing Donald MOTION & SOUND Birthday Card

Have Donald Trump Tell Your Loved One

 “Happy Birthday!”

In His Own Unique Animated Trump Way

Imagine Getting This Card For Your Birthday.

Imagine The President Getting This Card Of Himself For His Birthday.

Ok, Now Imagine If Everyone Had The Same Birthday And Everyone Got This Card.

That would be weird and delightful.

This Card Is The Perfect Gag For Anyone: 

Whether You’re Democratic, Republican, or An Inanimate Object Party* Member.

  • The Donald Talks and Dances When The Card Is Opened
  • High-Quality Audio Of Donald Trump Talking
  • Lifetime Warranty Included 
  • It Is Designed To Play 20,000 Times, But Don’t Worry We Will Replace It And You Can Listen To It 20,000 More Times. That’s A Lot Of Times, But No Judgement.
  • High Quality Material Used To Make The Card- It’s Not Going To Damage Easily.

*The Inanimate Object Party is Real Btw.

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