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Donald Talking Pen

Stop Whatever You’re Writing Now And 

Make Writing Great Again 

With The Donald Trump Talking Pen!

(I Originally Wrote This With The Pen)

You now have the ability to make Trump do the talking for you!

With Trump’s uncensored real voice, you can take writing or drawing to the next level.

Impress your friends and family with your newfound presidential penmanship & attitude.

“But what all comes with this pen?”, you ask. (I knew you’d ask)

  • Replaceable Batteries Are Included With Each Pen! It Will Work For Years!
  • High-Quality Audio Unparalleled To Other Talking Pens
  • The Pen Isn’t Fake News, It’s REAL And That’s A Scientific Fact
  • All The Memories And New Friends You’ll Make
  • Ink, Because It’s A Pen

Imagine Starting And Stopping Everything You Write With Donald By Your Side.

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