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Farting Poop Emoji Pen

Now You Can Wield The Power Of The Poop

with one simple click!

That’s right, a fart is now just one click away!


No more waiting for the beans to kick in.

No more stinky smelly yucky from Kentucky.

No more taking chances and it turns out to not be a fart.

No way Jose!

  • 7 Different Poopy Fart Sounds To Delight and Unite
  • Fart Anywhere At Anytime 
  • Make Taking Notes A Breeze (hehe) ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
  • Ask Your Poop Emoji Pen a Question and Be Amazed At How It Just Farts
  • Are You A Waiter/Server? This Poop Emoji Pen Will Fart Up Your Tips Baby!

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