Farting Poop Emoji Pen

Emoji Poop Pen
Poop Pen
Emoji Poop Pen
Emoji Poop Pen
Emoji Poop Pen
Emoji Poop Pen

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Now you can wield the power of the poop with one simple click!
That’s right, a fart is now just one click away!

It’s incredible…
…no more waiting for the beans to kick in.
…no more stinky smelly yucky from Kentucky.
…no more taking chances and it turns out to not be a fart.
…no way Jose!

  • 7 different poopy fart sounds to delight and unite.
  • Fart anywhere at any time. 
  • Make taking notes a breeze! (hehe) ( )
  • Ask your poop emoji pen a question and be amazed at how it just farts.
  • Are you a waiter/server? this poop emoji pen will fart up your tips baby!
      • PUSH HIS HEAD TO HEAR HIM FART - Imagine being able to fart at the click of a pen! That's what the Emoji Poop Pen does, but without the stinky butt! No wonder he's smiling - he's always blowing off funny farts to make everyone laugh! If you love texting friends with smiley poop emojis, you'll love blasting them with these real fart sounds!
      • THE CUTEST, FUNNIEST, FARTIEST TOY IN EMOJI LAND - The new Emoji Poop Pen is the funniest farting friend you'll ever have! He lets out 7 different poopy and farty sounds whenever you press his head. Normally it's when he thinks someone's joke stinks or he's having too much fun at a party! He's a real gas!!
      • BRING THE POOP TO THE PARTY - Hey fart fans! Got a birthday or kids' party? Then you'll want to bring your poop pen's gas to make your all your friends laugh!! How funny would it be to make everyone wonder, "who did that great big fart?!"
      • TREAT YOUR KIDS & GRANDCHILDREN TO BELLY LAUGHS - Kids, tweens, and teens can't get enough of the Emoji Poop Pen because he doesn't hold back - with the bathroom humor! He makes a perfect bring-to-school classroom gag, little gift bag stuffer for kid's parties, or a birthday goody bag. Watch their joyful faces as the fart noises blast out!
      • HAVE LOADS MORE FUN & JOKES WITH EMOJIS! - Now you can express yourself even more by collecting all the Emoji Talking Pens. Perfect for boys and girls, and fans of cute stuff like emoji stickers, emoji pillows, diary, office party supplies, action figure dolls, small emoticon favors, or a fart sound machine, spray, blaster, or unicorn farts.

      Fart sound 1

      Fart sound 2

      Fart sound 3

      Fart sound 4

      Fart sound 5

      Fart sound 6

      Fart sound 7