FAKE NEWS Talking Trump Button

  • Says 7 Fake News Lines in President Donald Trump ’s Real Voice!
  • Push Button Whenever You Hear Fake News
  • Perfect for Office - Funny Gift for Democrat or Republican



Product details

    • WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE to see this amazing Trump talking button in action. Hear for yourself how effective the Fake News Talking Button is in combating fake news at work and at home. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it! 100% foolproof
    • STOP FAKE NEWS IN ITS TRACKS WITH THE TRUMP TALKING BUTTON!! Push the Fake News button the moment you hear Fake News. Donald Trump will immediately launch a verbal barrage of perfectly timed counter-attacks against the source of the Fake News.
    • SAYS 7 DIFFERENT FAKE NEWS QUOTES BY PRESIDENT TRUMP! This button contains 7 classic lines by President Trump attacking Fake News. Keep it on your desk to use on annoying coworkers who spew false information. Sure, this is a hilarious novelty for a Republican or Democrat, great at the office, special occasions or holiday celebrations. But it’s also a powerful Fake News repellent. Carry it with you wherever fake news lurks.
    • SLAM DOWN THE FULL POWER OF THE PRESIDENCY AGAINST ANY FAKE NEWS YOU HEAR! Let's face it, if YOU tell someone they are Fake News, are they really going to care? Let President Donald J Trump terminate fake news on the spot. This is more than a funny gag gift or practical joke prank toy. It’s a surefire way to stop Fake News cold! Works on any political party.
    • MAGNET ATTACHES TO FRIDGE OR DESK. This unique gift will wipe out Fake News in your kitchen, office… even bathroom. Fake News can strike anywhere. Comes fully loaded with batteries so you can start detecting and eliminating fake news immediately. One of the greatest Trump Products ever made!

    "Fake News!" Talking Trump Button is for every Person sick of hearing fake news. 

    Fake News is everywhere—at the office, the media, even in your home. It’s like a malicious virus that spreads from one person to the next, infecting everyone in its path. But is there anything you can do to stop Fake News?


    Introducing the Fake News Talking Trump Button. The ingenious solution to eradicating fake news in your life.

    Simply push the button anytime you suspect fake news. Instantly you’ll hear President Donald Trump’s voice shouting, “You are Fake News!” or “That is False and Fake and never happened!” or any one of 7 Fake News lines by Trump.

    Just like pulling a fire alarm when you smell smoke, you should push the Fake News button urgently anytime you detect Fake News.

    So, if you're a tired of hearing fake fraudulent and phony news but can't find a quick and easy way to sound the alarm, the "Fake News!" Talking Trump Button is the answer you've been looking for!

    Stop Fake News from spreading into your office or home today with the "Fake News" Talking Trump Button

    Batteries included so you can get started wiping out fake news the moment it arrives.

    You are fake news.

    That was false and fake and never happened.

    It’s all fake news. It’s phony stuff. It didn’t happen.

    All I can say is it’s totally fake news. Just fake. It’s fake.

    This fake news was indeed fake news.

    The news is fake.

    We don’t want fake news.

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    And yes, together, we will make America great again.

    Oh, Don, you’re a little controversial, you’re talking about illegal Immigration. I said, “It’s Illegal!”

    We are going to drain the swamp in Washington DC.

    They say, Is Donald Trump an intellectual? Trust me, I’m like a smart person!

    For every one new regulation, two old regulations must be eliminated.

    I have a running war with the media. They are among the most dishonest human beings on Earth.

    I don’t frankly have time for total political correctness. And this country doesn’t have time either.

    We are transferring power from Washington DC, and giving it back to you, the people.

    I love the first amendment, nobody loves it better than me. Nobody. Who uses it more than I do?

    Basically, all I’ve done is keep my promise.

    Fox and Friends in the morning? They’re very honorable people.

    From this day forward, it’s going to be only America first.

    ISIS has spread like Cancer. Another mess I inherited.

    When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.

    Tomorrow they will say, “Donald Trump rants and raves at the press.” I’m not ranting and raving, I’m just telling you, you know, you’re dishonest people.

    And then I tweeted, you know I have many millions between Facebook and Twitter. It’s great. It’s like owning a newspaper without the losses. It’s incredible.

    Thank you, God bless you, and God bless America!

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