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Farting Santa Poop Emoji Toy

  • Perfect Stocking Stuffer for the Holidays!
  • Makes 7 Funny Fart Sounds including 3 jolly greetings!
  • Simply Squeeze His Belly to Activate!
  • Fun Dog Toy!
  • Measures a Super Cute 4 x 4.5"


Product details


  • SIMPLY SQUEEZE TO ACTIVATE & HEAR HIS FESTIVE FARTS! - This joyfully farty Santa Poop emoji plush farts on demand whenever you squeeze his big belly! He will reward you with 7 different real fart sounds, including 3 jolly greetings. He's the funniest, fartiest, merriest Christmas gag gift & stocking stuffer EVER! Farting Santa Poop is so cute and small, you can easily carry him around for endless hours of merry Christmas play and belly laughs. Measures 4 x 4.5 inches - awww! 
  • DOGS LOVE THIS TALKING SANTA FARTING POOP! (Cats not so much) Your best friend will carry him in his mouth everywhere he goes, constantly entertained by the hilarious and festive fart sounds the Santa Claus Poop makes. Although Santa Poop is a well-constructed and durable pet toy, it is still not suitable for destructive chewers, so make sure to supervise your pet’s playtime for best results. 
  • AS SEEN ON TUCKER BUDZYN - You may have seen Santa Poop's special little friend the Fart Buddy on the viral video starring an adorable Golden Retriever named Tucker Budzyn! Tucker loves his farting poop dog toy and your dog will too! Perfect if your dog loves poop emoji dog toys that fart.
  • FESTIVE, RIP-ROARING FUN FOR ANY PARTY – Santa Poop is a real gas at Christmas parties and makes a great poop game for kids! He'll have everyone in stitches when you squeeze his belly and he lets out the loud noise of big old smelly farts! Perfect if you're looking for a funny Christmas toy  for kids like elf on a shelf or if you like playing poop games.
  • LONG-LASTING SANTA CLAUSE THEMED FART ACTION – Santa Poop will provide endless hours of laughter as he blasts out joyfully loud gas, all thanks to the long-lasting, non-replaceable batteries that can power a massive 25,000 farts! And with a Lifetime Warranty included, your farty Santa Poop fun will never end! Makes a wonderful holiday decoration or festive decor for your home. Stuff it in stockings or make it a center piece for your decorations. Happy Holidays from Our Friendly Forest!

          Simply Squeeze Santa Poop to Hear Him Talk & Make 7 Different Joyfully Funny Fart Sounds! 

          • SQUEEZE & FART! Just squeeze Santa Poop's big belly and he will make 7 different real fart sounds and speak 3 joyful Christmas greetings, providing endless hours of hilarious and festive farty play!
          • DOGS LOVE MAKING SANTA POOP FART! Get ready for big laughs as you watch your dog play with his new favorite farting Santa Poop toy.
          • MEASURES A SUPER CUTE AND SMALL 4 X 4.5 INCHES - Santa Poop can be easily carried around so you can be ready to unleash his loud merry farts in an instant.
          • GREAT FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS POOP PARTIES! If you've got a Christmas party, bring Santa Poop along and make everyone laugh out loud as he lets off great big festive farts when squeezed!
          • INCREDIBLE BATTERY POWER - The huge battery capacity of Santa Poop ensures his jolly loud farts will go on and on. The non-replaceable batteries can power a massive 25,000 farts!
          • Makes a side-splitting gift for kids, tweens and teens who can't get enough of toilet humor. SANTA POOP IS A REAL GAS!

                The Santa Poop Emoji Farting Plush Toy that Talks & Makes 7 Different Funny Fart Sounds when you squeeze him! 



                Fart sound 1

                Fart sound 2

                Fart sound 3

                Fart sound 4

                Fart sound 5

                Fart sound 6

                Fart sound 7

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