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Mr. Predicto Fortune Telling Ball

Who Is Mr. Predicto?

A Magical Mysterious Mythical Figure With Fortune Telling Powers, That’s Who.

Mr. Predicto was nice enough to transfer some of his fortune telling powers into this Fortune Telling Ball before disappearing mysteriously and never being heard from again.

Honestly, He just appeared one day and left a ton of these Fortune Telling Balls for us with no explanation.

So we asked these Fortune Telling Balls if we should show them to the world and it said,

”The Answer You Seek Is YES!”

  • 30 Possible Answers That Makes Mr. Predicto Predict UnPredictably To Keep It FRE$H
  • Plays Spooky Music And Sound Effects While Lighting Up To Give You The Full Mr. Predicto Experience. When He Appeared Originally and Left Us These Magical Predicto Balls, The Same Thing Happened In Real Life.
  • Batteries Already Included So You Can Ask Mr. Predicto Questions Right Out Of The Box
  • Perfect For Parties And Other Events! Have Mr. Predicto Answer Questions At A Press Conference, At Weddings, Birthdays, Holidays, and Even At Home When You Can’t Decide On What Restaurant To Go To With Your Significant Other.
  • Dress Up As A Wizard On Halloween and Walk Around With Mr. Predicto Predicting The FUTURE And AMAZE Your Friends! You Could Also Just Dress Up As A Wizard Any Day And Do This Really.

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