National Football Losers Toilet Paper

  • Put the NFL BEHIND You
  • WIPE OUT Spoiled Football Players Who Take A Knee
  • Have A Tailgate Party In Your Bathroom
  • This Anti NFL TP Is Made In The USA



Product details

  • TAKE A STAND THE NEXT TIME YOU TAKE A DUMP – This National Football Losers TP lets you show the world (or at least those who use your bathroom) that you won't take a knee during our National Anthem.
  • THE NFL IS ON A ROLL! This toilet paper roll has an image of a kneeling football player on each sheet. Sure, it makes a funny gag or prank gift, but it also shows the League that we are still the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave! Be a dispenser of goodwill and a holder of our freedoms while you do your own personal squatting.
  • DOES OUR TOILET PAPER STAND UP? You bet! Our high quality toilet paper is printed on facial quality 2 ply, biodegradable toilet paper. Soft and delicate. 4” wide X 4.25” diameter X 175’ long when unrolled. Over 500 sheets per roll! Individually shrink wrapped. Won’t smear or smudge. Non-toxic, virgin pulp and quality-printed.
  • STAYING IN THE LOCKER ROOM? – Hey, NFL players, while the rest of us are standing for the Star Spangled Banner, you might as well take care of some kind of business while you’re in there. Our National Football Losers toilet paper will make you happy campers. Don't discount the fact that you won't be missed.
  • MADE IN THE USA! We stand up for the National Anthem, support our vets, and manufacture our novelty toilet paper right here in the great USA. Buy with pride. Flush with honor.

Great novelty gift for your friends who think it's ok to take a knee during our national anthem.

This toilet paper stands above all the rest.

You'll love this National Football Losers funny toilet paper.

The only roll that's made in the USA, by Americans in America.

High quality image on every sheet! Super absorbent!

These collector's National Football Losers toilet paper rolls are printed on high quality sheets with environmentally friendly soy based ink. (someone has to care about our Great Nation, right?)

Kneeling football player is shown on every sheet and won't smear or smudge.

Each roll is shrink wrapped (new and unopened).

We can tell you're "ready to take a stand" with this toilet paper, so stock up before you get short-sheeted.

Remember, football season may come and pass but you'll always need to wipe your a$$!

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