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NEW Talking Trump Birthday Card

Make Birthdays Great Again

When You Gift This Unique Card

Wouldn’t You Like To Have The Donald Wish You Happy Birthday?

(I know I would. I’d feel pretty darn special.)

So Why Not Give It To Someone On This Momentous Occasion?

All You Have To Say Is:

This Is President Trump’s Real Voice Wishing You A Happy Birthday!

And They Will Go Absolutely Crazy With Happiness.

  • Like I Said, It’s His Real Voice! He says, “I Wanted To Wish You A Happy Birthday. I Would Never In Your Case Say That You’re Fired, So I’ll Just Say, You’re Hired!”
  • Made With High-Quality Material - It’s Going To Be Hard To Break it, But You Could Break It. (Please Don’t Break It)
  • It Doubles As Both A Gift and A Gag!
  • Get It For Mom, Dad, Granny, Pappy, Auntie, Uncle Jeff, That One Person At Work That You’ve Been Meaning To Get Something For, But Keep Forgetting and Then Get Reminded By Other Co-Workers Talking About What They Got Them, Etc…
  • I Forgot To Mention That It Also Comes With An Envelope. We Got Your Back.

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