Poop Emoji Farting Plush Toy

  • Makes 7 Funny Fart Sounds!
  • Drop, Plop or Throw to Activate & Hear Him Fart!
  • Super Fun for Kids, Tweens or Teens!



Product details

    • EXPERIENCE HOURS OF POOP PLAY & FUNNY FART SOUNDS! - The Poop Emoji Farting Plush Toy lets out 7 different real fart sounds when you launch him against any surface! He's the funniest, fartiest, softest cuddly toy you’ll ever own and will provide endless hours of play and belly laughs!
    • SIMPLY DROP, PLOP OR THROW TO ACTIVATE - To hear his farty butt pass gas, all you need to do is drop him on the floor or toss him at the wall to activate the sound of real farts. Keeps kids entertained and full of laughter for hours on end! Just make sure you don't step on him, or you'll be standing in doodoo!
    • RIP-ROARING FUN FOR ANY PARTY - This squishy poopy plush is a real gas at kids' parties! He'll have everyone in stitches as he hits the wall or floor and lets out the rip-roaring sounds of big old smelly farts! Why not play 'Pass the Poop' and hear his loud farts as you throw it to your friends? This Christmas and Holiday season, don’t forget to give the gift of gas!
    • WATCH YOUR KIDS OR GRANDKIDS CRY WITH LAUGHTER - Kids, tweens and teens love the Poop Emoji Farting Plush Toy because he provides hours of fun play and hilarious toilet gags. Perfect if you're looking for poop emoji party supplies, poo toys and tween girls gifts ideas. Hilarious gag gifts! Comes with batteries included.
    • SO SOFT & SQUISHY, EMOJI FANS WILL LOVE HIM! - If you can't get enough of using emojis to express yourself, you're going to love this super poopy emoji plush! The Poop Emoji Farting Plush Toy is great fun for a girl or boy, for families and fans of the emoji poop pen, fart machine, poop emoji pillows, a bag of unicorn farts, gag pillows, the poopyhead game, and the poopez series. It's the funniest toy of the year!


    Drop, Plop or Throw this Poop Emoji Farting Plush Toy & Hear Him Make 7 Different Funny Fart Sounds!

    If you love poop emojis and laughing about gas with your friends, this soft, cute and seriously farty plush toy is the perfect companion for you!

    The Poop Emoji Farting Plush Toy makes 7 different real fart sounds when he hits any surface, providing endless hours of hilarious poopy and farty play!

    Imagine the fun you'll have blasting your friends and family with hilarious rip-roaring farts! Just launch him at the floor, wall or even a loved one to hear him pass gas!

    If you've got a party, bring him along and make everyone laugh out loud as he lets off great big farts on impact!

    Makes a side-splitting gift for kids, tweens and teens who can't get enough of emojis and bathroom humor.

    Farts on impact to provide hours of belly laughs!

    The Poop Emoji Farting Plush Toy that Makes 7 Different Funny Fart Sounds when you Drop, Plop or Throw Him at Any Surface!


    Fart sound 1

    Fart sound 2

    Fart sound 3

    Fart sound 4

    Fart sound 5

    Fart sound 6

    Fart sound 7

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