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President Predicto - Donald Trump Fortune Teller Ball

Did you ever want your very own Fortune Telling Trump?

I mean, like c’mon, who wouldn’t?

This big ol’ Trump Ball can and not only make predictions, 

But he will become dear to your heart.

Forget the magic 8 ball. 

If you don’t know what that is, then it worked.

  • Ask Trump For Advice in a Yes or No Question: 


  • The Trump Fortune Telling Ball Lights Up and Plays Some Fortune Teller Music, Bro. The Good Kind That Creeps You Out Just Right.
  • 25 Possible Answers To Guide You To Your Destiny, Trump Style. 
  • Batteries Are Included, We Ain’t Old School.

Are You Going To Get A Donald Trump Fortune Teller Ball?

“That Would Be A Great Thing For All Humanity!” - Trump Ball

Looks Likely That One Is In Your Near Future...

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